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Why ClickFold?

ClickFold Plastics was founded in 2001 to fill a void in the marketplace. We are a leading manufacturer of custom plastic enclosures, specializing in high-quality products without the need for molds or tooling. Traditionally there have been very few choices for industrial buyers of custom plastic enclosures: Buy off-the-shelf, invest in plastic molds, or settle for sheet-metal.

None of these choices fully satisfies the needs of companies that manufacture custom products in smaller volumes. We addressed this problem with a unique zero-tooling process that allows the manufacture of custom plastic enclosures without the need for expensive molds or any other kind of tooling. Learn more about our custom plastic fabrication process.

Our process offers a more cost effective solution for low-volume products than injection molding and delivers a more appealing product than sheet metal forming. We have also recently expanded our UV Printing on plastic parts capabilities.

Satisfied Plastic Fabrication Customers