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CAD & Prototype Approval are the 2 steps that every project goes through. After an initial consultation with the designer assigned to the project our customers receive a 3D CAD file for review. This is a convenient way to check all dimensions, cutout and print locations and visualize all assembly operations. The chances of making a perfectly functioning first prototype are greatly improved by a thorough joint CAD review. A 2nd review occurs once the physical prototype has been delivered. This is when details are tweaked and QC and shipping instructions established.
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ISO 9001 Compliance was formalized in 2017 when ClickFold moved from working to ISO 9001 quality standards to engaging a globally recognized auditing company. International Management Systems Marketing (IMSM) is a leader in the field of ISO 9001 certification and has been conducting our annual audits ever since. Over this time several of our employees have received ISO 9001 training and certifications. In addition to IMSM’s annual audit we are committed to at least 3 internal audits. Many of our customers require their suppliers to be ISO 9001 certified and we take this obligation seriously.
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Plastic Materials used by us are all manufactured in the U.S. and compliant with U.S. and EU regulations. We can provide MSDS, UL, RoHS, REACH and Mechanical Properties documentation with all our products and will send it upon request. With a few exceptions for engineering grade materials all our plastics are recyclable and fall into the the common recycling categories used by municipalities and recycling companies. In addition to our standard inventory materials we will be happy to source specialty materials or use customer supplied sheets.
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Review Us on Google – as a small specialty advanced plastics fabrication company we heavily rely on being found on-line by customers searching for specific needs, applications, processes and plastic materials. Much of our advertising budget goes toward keyword-based ads and we welcome any feedback about how you found us. Customer reviews and testimonials greatly help potential buyers identify and select the best suited supplier. Your review is much appreciated and the more specific it is the more helpful it will be for other buyers. Thank you in advance.
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Better Business Bureau (BBB) Ratings are a great way to find out more about a business and its track record of serving its customers. The number of complaints and how they were handled are good indicators for the reliability of a company. For most of our customers we are the only source of a product that is custom made for them which means a lot of trust is placed in us. The success of our customers greatly depends on our ability to provide the quality needed and ship on-time very time over the lifetime of the product – often many years. We are a proud BBB Member since 2012.
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Career Opportunities at ClickFold are many fold and flexible as you would expect from a smaller company. We are always interested in candidates with CAD/CAM, CNC machining, plastics fabrication and assembly experience. We also offer training and tuition assistance to entry-level employees. We operate several shifts and working hours are flexible with 3 tiers to choose from. Our employees are a close-knit team and we value an equal opportunity, welcoming, healthy, drug-free and safe work environment. Our plant is fully air-conditioned and smoke-free.
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Located in Charlotte, NC we are within easy reach of I-77, I-85, I-485 and Charlotte Douglas International Airport (KCLT). Our new facility sits right on the state-line between NC and SC which gives us convenient access to the airport as well as Charleston, SC and its seaport. Being located centrally in the Mid-Atlantic region means 1-3 day ground shipments to all destinations East of the Mississippi. Proximity to the airports in Charlotte, NC and Columbia, SC also allows for late in the day overnight shipments to anywhere in the U.S. plus Canada and Mexico.
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The Company’s History goes back to the business idea of offering an alternative to traditional housing production methods – better for low volumes than injection molding, more appealing than sheet metal and custom where off-the-shelf won’t do. The unique process developed specifically for this purpose is a CNC controlled machining, thermo-line-bending and solvent welding sequence. Machines and know-how were obtained under a licence with TTK GmbH in Germany and operations started in May of 2000 under the initial name ProPlastic Designs, Inc.
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Partners of ClickFold are other former licensees of TTK engaged in the same line of business. We maintain especially close ties with CubiDesign in Germany and Quickplast in Brazil and engage with them in joint R&D projects. This means that production can be transferred to either location with relative ease. ClickFold also collaborates with the University of NC at Charlotte, Central Piedmont Community College and York Technical College by employing interns and sponsoring student projects. ClickFold is also an active member of the SC Manufacturing Extension Program.
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Corporate Citizenship is something we take seriously and ClickFold actively supports the vocational training programs at Olympic High School and the Aviation Institute of Maintenance. Other organizations we support are the German School of Charlotte, Rotary International, the Civil Air Patrol, the Mecklenburg County Board of Elections, the Lancaster Chamber of Commerce and the Council for Children’s Rights. We also do what we can to protect our local environment by minimizing resource and energy use and recycling our paper and packaging waste and plastic materials.
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